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NEWS UPDATE DEC 2010: News on progress in the Wensum DTC Project

We're pleased to write after the first year of work completed towards the establishment of the Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment and to thank all those of you who have contributed in many ways to our collective progress in the last 12 months. The last couple of weeks have seen the installation of the first high-spec monitoring station in the Blackwater sub-catchment study area and also progress in our discussions with the main land owner in respect of the choice of on-farm mitigation measures. We anticipate implementing a range of measures under ELS and HLS in the second year of monitoring from next autumn. Although the weather has been against us in the last month, we have continued with our twice-weekly sampling of the monitoring locations in the Blackwater sub-catchment and kept up with our monthly, catchment-wide sampling in the Wensum catchment. The ecologist has also been in the field and undertook a first survey in October.

To provide you with further insight, click on the link below to see 20 slides that show the field monitoring design, examples of the field installations, a summary of the ecological survey work, some views of sediment runoff pressures in the Blackwater sub-catchment, a brief summary of our thinking on farm measures, and also some example rainfall and chemical data.

Very soon, we look forward to showing you around the catchment as part of our Wensum Alliance knowledge exchange activities.

Off to a good start -
Establishing contacts and investigating monitoring sites.
ACDP stream gauge monitoring
setting up base for monitoring station